The Big Goal


I climb to have fun, but lately I’ve had an itch to set goals and push my climbing to new levels. I needed motivation, so I have concocted an event that will take place in one of  the most beautiful and enchanting places on Earth. That is Bozoo, West Virginia. Many a loves have been sparked by what some say is an ancient Native American spell cast on the area by the ancestors of Pocahontas. Back to the topic at hand though… This event will be one of great endurance and mighty strength. It will take much training, planning, and preparation and to the victor will go all the spoils. The grand scheme I have been speaking of and that you have been so patiently awaiting for is this: I will attempt to lead every 5.8 rated pitch at Bozoo in a single day. It may not sound like much to the untrained ear, but there are actually 17 – 5.8’s that I know of. The most pitches I have ever climbed in a day has been 12, and they were sport routes with anchors, which tend to be completed much more quickly than the anchor-less traditional climbing that will be encountered at “The Zoo”. Here’s the lineup:   

Route name                        Grade   Feet   Area

1. Hand Crack                        5.8      30 Savory Area 

2. Crack                                 5.8      45 Savory Area

3. WV Cornflakes                   5.8+    45 Savory Area

4. Monkey Business               5.8      45 Savory Area

5. Birth Canal                         5.8+    50 White Wall 

6. Waynes’ Woute (right)       5.8      40 White Wall 

7. Waynes’ Woute (left)         5.8      40 White Wall

8. Unnamed                           5.8      40 White Wall

 9. Playing Hookie                 5.8      30 Iceberg Area 

10. Phat Back                       5.8      40 Iceberg Area 

11. Sassafras                        5.8     40 Iceberg Area 

12. Debasaurus Crack          5.8     45 Iceberg Area 

 13. A Weighted Arrival         5.8      40 Necro Wall 

14. Mad Cow Disease           5.8      25 Bovine Wall 

15. Thru-Mortise                   5.8      40 Rigor Wall 

16. Mutt’s Furniture               5.8      35 Double-tier wall

17. Maggie                            5.8      40 Simpson’s Wall 

                                Approximately 620 feet of climbing fun!              

                                                                                            I will let you know how it goes.

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Red Rock, Las Vegas, Nevada Spring 2013

A climbing trip to Red Rock in Las Vegas, Nevada. Some of the most beautiful, and tallest rocks I’ve ever been on. climbed a few classics with Grant Price. Had a great time!

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The joy of running

I have really been enjoying some trail running lately! There is something freeing and wonderful about being out on the trail. I have been into hiking and backpacking for a while, but running on the trail is sorta new to me, and I love it. I’ve seen a t-shirt for cross country running that states ” our sport is your sports punishment.”. That is how I have always felt about running. Punishment. Vanessa got me into it and the running was hard at first, because running is always hard at first. But I have now built up alittle stamina and endurance and it’s becoming a blast! I am getting to where I can focus on the running, the trail, the scenery, etc, and not feel like I can’t breathe and am near death. Today I ran about 6 miles up at Mountain lake, not fast, but I felt pretty good about it. Hoping to sign up for a race to help keep me motivated.

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My Secret Loop Trail, with Layla December 18th 2012

This is a trail I discovered that apparently used to be part of the Appalachian Trial, but hasn’t been used in years. I can connect it with the existing AT and make a 3 mile loop right from my house. It has built in rock and wood stairs, a seasonal waterfall, cliff, and overlooks. Good stuff.

<p><a href=”″>Secret Loop Trail With Layla</a> from <a href=””>Jonathan Spencer</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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Seneca Rocks, WV AMGA SPI Course Dec. 1-3, 2012

Seneca Rocks, WV AMGA SPI Course Dec. 1-3, 2012 from Jonathan Spencer on Vimeo.

A rockclimbing course I took at Seneca Rocks, WV. Great time, and I learned alot.

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Very Inspirational Video

This is not one of my videos, I found it online and I love it.

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New River Gorge Climbing Trip

NRG climb trip Nov. 17,18 2012 from Jonathan Spencer on Vimeo.

Rock Climbing trip to the New River Gorge with Vanessa and Layla (special appearances by Jonah and Andy). A good time was had by all.

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